Reality and Bumper Sticker

I reject your reality and I insert my own reality— from a bumper sticker At first glance one would think “naive” Second glance would say “self absorbent” And, if given a third glance one might say “narrow-minded” Now… read the above bumper sticker from the view-point of a non believer seeing it on the back of a believers … Continue reading

5 Thoughts on Business

Customer Service Training – today many businesses focus on staffing open positions and spend very little time on the art of good customer service. Take the time to examine your customer base and design a training program that will help your new staff meet their needs. Refresh – By simply moving your inventory around within your … Continue reading

Skipping music in the Digital age… Oh, and little thing called life

This morning I downloaded a new CD from Itunes.   Did not go as expected! In the middle of the download I received an error message from microsoft and then Itunes shut down. Easy enough I thought, just restart and pick up the download where I left off. Famous last words as we say 🙂  You would think I had a vinyl … Continue reading

The Dance

The Dance Evening falls on misty fields And the dew swept morning’s crest is just over the horizon I feel the Nighttime as it glistens And moonbeams I see dancing off my beloveds lips Tonight I danced with an angel in Heaven’s sweet kiss Gracefully I watched as you waltzed And stole my heart away … Continue reading

Comparing seagulls and business— while trying to work on a tan

Lola and I recently went back home to Gulf Shores for a week’s vacation. To be back on the beach with sand in between my toes again was heaven on earth. Not to mention eating all the fresh seafood I could get down in a weeks time! On Thursday, I noticed the seagulls; some at … Continue reading

Angry Birds

I have a game app on my DROID called Angry Birds, which I love playing (Keep in mind I am about as anti gamer as you can get). However, I really like playing this game, don’t ask me why, its mindless entertainment, I guess. The object of the game is to shoot birds at obstacles, knocking … Continue reading