New Blog Look and thoughts on upcoming post

I have spent most of the morning reworking my blog. The previous look did not have the look and feel I wanted it to have (clunky and not very crisp). Let me know what you think about this new layout My next post will I look at long-range planning, breaking down S.W.O.T for those not familiar with … Continue reading

An Author and a Book Signing

Hosting a proper book signing takes planning. Here are some key things that I have learned and want to share: Retailer Responsibilities: Appoint a contact person Decide when the event will be held Decide how you will market the event (Radio, TV, Flyers, Socail Media) Contact the publisher at least 3-6 months in advance of event; … Continue reading

Tis the Season…only if you have a strategic plan

Get up earlier… stay later…work harder…do more… The mantra of the season if you are in retail.  Especially if you want to make it out of red and into the black. Right? I say wrong! I say that is a ” the ship has already left the dock” attitude. To be a success in this … Continue reading