The Name – a poem for Him

The Name   Jesus – Redeemer; Savior   Jesus – Bread; Water   Jesus – Lord; Master   Jesus – Broken; Wounded   Jesus – King; Servant   Jesus – Bridegroom; Lamb   Jesus – Prophet; Priest   Jesus – Beaten; Whipped   Jesus – Ancient of Days; Intercessor   Jesus – Calvary; Golgotha   … Continue reading

Displaying and Selling Devotionals (article previously published in Christian Retailing Magazine)

Displaying and Selling Devotionals The New Year brings fresh starts, new beginnings, and the sale of devotional products; many customers are looking for promises from God and seeking His wisdom with renewed vigor for a stronger relationship, and clear vision for life. Others are looking for marriage tips, or various other helps that come from … Continue reading

How I prepare for Back to School Season (article previously in Christian Retailing magazine)

How I prepare for Back to School Season   As a vendor, planning for the Back to School season begins several months prior to the actual July/August time frame.   Establishing the correct product mix year to year is important in keeping product fresh and stimulating to the end consumer. To accomplish this we begin by … Continue reading