What if today is…

Often time we do not lend enough thought to the above ellipses.

Our lives are filled with social media; via  cell phone, iPad, and laptops While social media zaps most of our time here are a few others: Family, work, more work, television, and many more “important” things that eat up our time. In fact, we are so busy some people can’t sleep because of their businesses. I fall into that category all too often. I just cannot get my mind to shut off and let me sleep. My daughter and I have a running joke stating our  “brains are like browsers with too many tabs open”.  I know it’s sad, but true state of my life.

This morning has left me with the above title of this post. What if today is….

  1. the last time I see my wife
  2. the last time I hug my granddaughter
  3. the last time I go to work
  4. the last time I do anything

What if, in the end, all I have left to be remembered is ” what if today is…”

Here are a couple of quick facts I worked through as I asked myself the above questions

  1. How can I unclutter my life even more (i.e. what business is really not effective and can be deleted out of my life. What negativity can I remove my self from, etc.)
  2. What  are my priorities (i.e. what is really important and what is self imposed important)
  3. where do I want to be tomorrow in my question of ” what if today is…”
  4. who is really first in my life

Hopefully, this short introspective look into my life will help you evaluate where you are cluttered and what can be eliminated to better help you answer the question “What if today is…”




One Response to “What if today is…”
  1. A very intuitive thought indeed. Perfectly penned down. Would you want to collaborate on a post?

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