About Scott Etheridge

I am

a husband

a father

an adventurer

a music lover

where I am is not where I will be

this is not my home

I am a co-laborer in Christ


2 Responses to “About Scott Etheridge”
  1. Dear Scott,

    When I was young, my life’s calling was softly introduced to me. It may not have been a path I would have chosen as an adult or of my own desire. It has made me who I am today. I guess my mother’s illness and death deeply impacted my soul. I never forgot the realm of devastation or the pain it caused me as my days unfolded without her. This strong inner impulse toward my purpose was pure compassion for others.
    I was in my forties when I realized my purpose was to heal broken hearts. It wasn’t easy to understand, but as I look back death had become an enormous party of my life. Years after my mother’s death my father passed away from kidney cancer and then tragically, I lost my only brother to pancreatic cancer. His death revealed more than ever my purpose in this life. Our calling is simply our heart speaking its truth. There are no mistakes in this life; there are only purposeful moments.
    The only element of my life that remained constant through this flow of adversity was my faith. Don’t misunderstand, I experienced lows in my life, but God was always there to lift me higher. After my brother’s death I was allowed this Divine Knowingness. A gift of knowing that there is a tomorrow after our last breath, as promised in the Bible. I feel heartfelt stories can have a profound impact on so many lives. The thought of comforting those who struggle with loss inspired me to persist through the stacks of disappointing rejection letters from publishing companies.
    I agree with everyone with the understanding the most important feature in first time authors, is the bottom line; Sales. My intention was to write about tenacity, faith, God, heaven and to help others learn how to move through grief rather than constantly remind oneself of the empitness and horrific task of living without a loved one. My story carries such depth and breath that it is difficult to describe in one query letter or proposal. I thought I could provide a great “hook” to traditional publishing companies, because my story has such a powerful message. Becoming an author wasn’t about notoriety, fame or wealth; it was about reaching out to those in need.
    I am driven and will not give up on sharing my story with the world. I am asking for advice. Other advice than writing a good query letter, self publishing, or making my manuscript available online for Christian Publishers to see at ChristianManuscript.com. I have been digging and clawing my way through all of these methods for years. I had my story published with Westbow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson. And because I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on Marketing and Promoting it doesn’t mean my story isn’t a great book. I understand that Thomas Nelson will pick it up for traditional publishing if my sales go through the roof. Would they take into consideration that my story is exceptionally more life changing than their recently published story, Heaven is for Real, by Todd Burpo.
    I look forward to hearing from you. I would appreciate your help and guidance.
    Mary Elizabeth Webb

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