Status Quo

Did you wake up today desiring a status quo life? Me, No! I want to excel in everything, honoring God all the way. ~Scott Etheridge #quote #purpose #life #direction Advertisements


Remission On This day This dark day Before light was born We work We toil Once again to repeat Again And again Where is my remission He is born tomorrow Freedom offered Creation to creator Mystery unfolds Herald by host Rejected Lifted high A king A savior A babe ©ScottEtheridge 12/19/2017

Moments Lost Not Long Ago

Here is a poem from a couple weeks back. In it I try to capture the brevity of life and the simplicity of moments

Awed By Today

I’m awed again today by Gods majesty. The delicate design of leaves, the changing of seasons, and the force of an invisible wind only serve to demonstrate His power. If you have a few minutes I encourage you to be still and look around: The splendor of all He created will take your breath away. … Continue reading

Here is a short story written in prose.

Lola nineteen years ago, I knew I was blessed to call you my wife. We have worked hard to keep God first in our marriage and the love we have (for each other) is fed out of that overflow. It is refreshed each day; because we renew our love for each other daily. The absolute … Continue reading


Republicans think the democrats are in a conspiracy against them. Democrats think the republicans are in a conspiracy again them. Round and round it goes…. Sad truth of it is everyone has taken their eye off a Holy and Righteous God who isn’t for either party. We have elevated ourselves above our stature, thinking one … Continue reading


When is the last time you were alone? I mean alone with just yourself and thoughts. I have a running joke with my daughter saying  “my mind is like a search engine with too many tabs open at all time”. Do you relate? It seems in this day and age of constant communication, and distraction, we … Continue reading

What if today is…

Often time we do not lend enough thought to the above ellipses. Our lives are filled with social media; via  cell phone, iPad, and laptops While social media zaps most of our time here are a few others: Family, work, more work, television, and many more “important” things that eat up our time. In fact, we are so … Continue reading

Here is a new poem that I wrote this morning. Its roots are in today’s society and the value being placed upon us by the news media and politicians. With the racial, social, and economic divides shoved upon us, I attempted to tell a story where each stanza builds together, ultimately reminding us we are His and have a divine purpose. Politicians tell us we need them and we don’t. Each race see themselves as disparaged, they are not. We ourselves, as individual, feel lost and small, we are not. Ultimately we are what this says, if we choose to be. Otherwise, we remain the first stanza forever. It can be read all together (start to finish) or by the lines in each corresponding stanza. (see below) There once was a little man When he grew up he was not little This chosen man realized Etc. There once was a little man Living in a little town He had mistakenly look through wrong lens Etc. Enjoy the read….

Little Man   There once was a little man Living in a little town On the small side of life Captive to a small dream   When he grew up he was not little He had mistakenly looked through wrong lens He had mistakenly valued himself He had mistakenly valued his future   This chosen … Continue reading