Displaying and Selling Devotionals (article previously published in Christian Retailing Magazine)

Displaying and Selling Devotionals The New Year brings fresh starts, new beginnings, and the sale of devotional products; many customers are looking for promises from God and seeking His wisdom with renewed vigor for a stronger relationship, and clear vision for life. Others are looking for marriage tips, or various other helps that come from … Continue reading

Long Term Planning using S.W.O T Analysis

Over the years I have used SWOT analysis with business partnerships, establishing long-term goals for our relationships. If you have never used SWOT before I hope this brief description gives insight into this powerful, yet simple long-range planning tool. SWOT = Strength; Weakness; Opportunity; Threat. Strength and Weakness combine to give you an internal look at your organization Opportunity and Threat combine to give … Continue reading

An Author and a Book Signing

Hosting a proper book signing takes planning. Here are some key things that I have learned and want to share: Retailer Responsibilities: Appoint a contact person Decide when the event will be held Decide how you will market the event (Radio, TV, Flyers, Socail Media) Contact the publisher at least 3-6 months in advance of event; … Continue reading

Reality and Bumper Sticker

I reject your reality and I insert my own reality— from a bumper sticker At first glance one would think “naive” Second glance would say “self absorbent” And, if given a third glance one might say “narrow-minded” Now… read the above bumper sticker from the view-point of a non believer seeing it on the back of a believers … Continue reading

Social Media: A starting point…. the fact and 1 question

Facebook has over 500 million users  40+% of them log on every day How are you using it to speak? Here are 3 tips for those looking to take to the next level 1.  Build a strategic monthly plan for your post 2.  Post frequently, with relevant material. Give your tribe a reason to come back, and most importantly … Continue reading