Tears For Jesus

    Here is a poem I’ve worked on for several months. Normally they flow out of me, but this one took work. The genesis comes from a statement I heard a speaker at work say once. He stated ” I can still see my daddy crying tears to Jesus in the pew”. I immediately … Continue reading

Shade To Gray

If in the ground I lay Would roses you put on my grave The color of love melting into winter’s white Covered again by a new day’s light   If in the ground I lay Will the sun shine on your tears Glistening in the winter’s sun Will love cast shadow where your love doeth … Continue reading

Dusty Roads: Time Long Gone

Here is a new poem I finished today (started before my surgery). As with most of my poems it is layered and can be read in multiple ways Straight through Every other odd line “ Life is a Vapor Our children grow in the dust of days”, etc. 2 lines at a time standing alone, … Continue reading

A Fountain Overflowing

This poem is about battered children and has it’s origins in the murder of an autistic child recently in a neighboring county. Please remember Children suffer in silence all too often! Be vigilant and stay aware of those you see. If you see something say something   Angel with your tattered wings Bruised furrowed and … Continue reading


A poem for a friend in mourning


What is a word –   When emotions are overcome With one gentle trace And I find myself lost, In April’s gentle embrace. We belong to Him – I am yours, you are mine. This is Love, One word enduring Until it is enough And we are quenched   This is enough   ©ScottEtheridge April … Continue reading