What if today is…

Often time we do not lend enough thought to the above ellipses. Our lives are filled with social media; via  cell phone, iPad, and laptops While social media zaps most of our time here are a few others: Family, work, more work, television, and many more “important” things that eat up our time. In fact, we are so … Continue reading


What is holding you back?

Displaying and Selling Devotionals (article previously published in Christian Retailing Magazine)

Displaying and Selling Devotionals The New Year brings fresh starts, new beginnings, and the sale of devotional products; many customers are looking for promises from God and seeking His wisdom with renewed vigor for a stronger relationship, and clear vision for life. Others are looking for marriage tips, or various other helps that come from … Continue reading

How I prepare for Back to School Season (article previously in Christian Retailing magazine)

How I prepare for Back to School Season   As a vendor, planning for the Back to School season begins several months prior to the actual July/August time frame.   Establishing the correct product mix year to year is important in keeping product fresh and stimulating to the end consumer. To accomplish this we begin by … Continue reading

Lonely Nights and Faith

The past two years have been hard and tumultuous to say the least. August 2010 I lost my dad; April of this year I lost my mom; May of this year  (1  month to the day after we buried my mom) I sat in a church filled with people as we buried my great-niece who was not yet … Continue reading

Business Cycles and beginning new

Spring is here with life beginning new   Winter has left us with memories of ice and sleet Summer will bring a season of green grass and at times heat induced drought Fall comes where leaves will change Business, like the seasons of our earths climate, also contains cycles of change We cannot control our climate changes; we can prepare for … Continue reading

Long Term Planning using S.W.O T Analysis

Over the years I have used SWOT analysis with business partnerships, establishing long-term goals for our relationships. If you have never used SWOT before I hope this brief description gives insight into this powerful, yet simple long-range planning tool. SWOT = Strength; Weakness; Opportunity; Threat. Strength and Weakness combine to give you an internal look at your organization Opportunity and Threat combine to give … Continue reading

Tis the Season…only if you have a strategic plan

Get up earlier… stay later…work harder…do more… The mantra of the season if you are in retail.  Especially if you want to make it out of red and into the black. Right? I say wrong! I say that is a ” the ship has already left the dock” attitude. To be a success in this … Continue reading

5 Thoughts on Business

Customer Service Training – today many businesses focus on staffing open positions and spend very little time on the art of good customer service. Take the time to examine your customer base and design a training program that will help your new staff meet their needs. Refresh – By simply moving your inventory around within your … Continue reading