here is an article, written a few years back regarding business growth at independent bookstores. The fundamentals can be applied to any small business.


Displaying and Selling Devotionals (article previously published in Christian Retailing Magazine)

Displaying and Selling Devotionals The New Year brings fresh starts, new beginnings, and the sale of devotional products; many customers are looking for promises from God and seeking His wisdom with renewed vigor for a stronger relationship, and clear vision for life. Others are looking for marriage tips, or various other helps that come from … Continue reading

How I prepare for Back to School Season (article previously in Christian Retailing magazine)

How I prepare for Back to School Season   As a vendor, planning for the Back to School season begins several months prior to the actual July/August time frame.   Establishing the correct product mix year to year is important in keeping product fresh and stimulating to the end consumer. To accomplish this we begin by … Continue reading

Business Cycles and beginning new

Spring is here with life beginning new   Winter has left us with memories of ice and sleet Summer will bring a season of green grass and at times heat induced drought Fall comes where leaves will change Business, like the seasons of our earths climate, also contains cycles of change We cannot control our climate changes; we can prepare for … Continue reading

Long Term Planning using S.W.O T Analysis

Over the years I have used SWOT analysis with business partnerships, establishing long-term goals for our relationships. If you have never used SWOT before I hope this brief description gives insight into this powerful, yet simple long-range planning tool. SWOT = Strength; Weakness; Opportunity; Threat. Strength and Weakness combine to give you an internal look at your organization Opportunity and Threat combine to give … Continue reading

Comparing seagulls and business— while trying to work on a tan

Lola and I recently went back home to Gulf Shores for a week’s vacation. To be back on the beach with sand in between my toes again was heaven on earth. Not to mention eating all the fresh seafood I could get down in a weeks time! On Thursday, I noticed the seagulls; some at … Continue reading

Social Media: A starting point…. the fact and 1 question

Facebook has over 500 million users  40+% of them log on every day How are you using it to speak? Here are 3 tips for those looking to take to the next level 1.  Build a strategic monthly plan for your post 2.  Post frequently, with relevant material. Give your tribe a reason to come back, and most importantly … Continue reading