Here is a short story written in prose.

Lola nineteen years ago, I knew I was blessed to call you my wife. We have worked hard to keep God first in our marriage and the love we have (for each other) is fed out of that overflow. It is refreshed each day; because we renew our love for each other daily. The absolute … Continue reading


Here is a new post on building a legacy business.

The Tempest

The Tempest Rushing memories flood back and wake resting emotions Shaking me to my core; knocking me to the floor Will I ever be over this and will I ever be free again to rest in freedoms door Freedom from the memories of pain in the days gone long ago Come save me – Rescue … Continue reading


What is holding you back?

The Name – a poem for Him

The Name   Jesus – Redeemer; Savior   Jesus – Bread; Water   Jesus – Lord; Master   Jesus – Broken; Wounded   Jesus – King; Servant   Jesus – Bridegroom; Lamb   Jesus – Prophet; Priest   Jesus – Beaten; Whipped   Jesus – Ancient of Days; Intercessor   Jesus – Calvary; Golgotha   … Continue reading

Ballons In The Sky

Amazing Love Lord, I’m all broken up and hurting inside, Don’t know if I will ever be whole again. Seems like every time I cry the pain just intensifies. And the movement of winds, that sustain the balloons in the sky, Only serve to remind me of days gone by. Lord; come hold my hand; … Continue reading

This week and teamwork

Last week was an extremely busy season of life. It started with all day back to back meetings on Monday and did not slow down from there. I could list all that I needed to accomplish by Friday but I don’t think it is necessary in this format. However, the best news of the week was by Friday I … Continue reading

I’m thankful for…

If someone were to ask you to list 3 things you are thankful for, not including family or work/work relationships, what would they be? Here is my list 3: I am thankful for life! After surviving 2 near fatal car accidents (1 in 1980 and another in 1993) I have come to realize how precious and fragile … Continue reading

Reality and Bumper Sticker

I reject your reality and I insert my own reality— from a bumper sticker At first glance one would think “naive” Second glance would say “self absorbent” And, if given a third glance one might say “narrow-minded” Now… read the above bumper sticker from the view-point of a non believer seeing it on the back of a believers … Continue reading