Moments Lost Not Long Ago

Here is a poem from a couple weeks back. In it I try to capture the brevity of life and the simplicity of moments


Here is a short story written in prose.

Lola nineteen years ago, I knew I was blessed to call you my wife. We have worked hard to keep God first in our marriage and the love we have (for each other) is fed out of that overflow. It is refreshed each day; because we renew our love for each other daily. The absolute … Continue reading

The Tempest

The Tempest Rushing memories flood back and wake resting emotions Shaking me to my core; knocking me to the floor Will I ever be over this and will I ever be free again to rest in freedoms door Freedom from the memories of pain in the days gone long ago Come save me – Rescue … Continue reading

The Dance

The Dance Evening falls on misty fields And the dew swept morning’s crest is just over the horizon I feel the Nighttime as it glistens And moonbeams I see dancing off my beloveds lips Tonight I danced with an angel in Heaven’s sweet kiss Gracefully I watched as you waltzed And stole my heart away … Continue reading


Closing my Eyes I drift back to yesterday of days gone by days of past and Christmas of yesteryear I remember simple time- simple love- simple needs- and Christmas of yesteryear Seems like nothings the same and everythings changed but my love for you is still ever so dear as in the christmas of yesteryear … Continue reading


My Lady Simple as the new dawn complicated as the path of moon and sun crossing in the sky Sometimes in her presence I feel like a foal on young legs stumbling unsure of my direction only to be quided by blind love I am rain without sunshine I am fall without winter I am … Continue reading