A Fountain Overflowing

This poem is about battered children and has it’s origins in the murder of an autistic child recently in a neighboring county. Please remember Children suffer in silence all too often! Be vigilant and stay aware of those you see. If you see something say something   Angel with your tattered wings Bruised furrowed and … Continue reading

Lola nineteen years ago, I knew I was blessed to call you my wife. We have worked hard to keep God first in our marriage and the love we have (for each other) is fed out of that overflow. It is refreshed each day; because we renew our love for each other daily. The absolute … Continue reading

Dad and the life lessons he taught

First, memory is a great thing. I am amazed at how much God loves us and how He created within us the ability not only to remember, but to remember with all of our senses. It totally amazes me and humbles me at the same time. As a child growing up I can remember my dad working … Continue reading