Moments Lost Not Long Ago

Here is a poem from a couple weeks back. In it I try to capture the brevity of life and the simplicity of moments


Silent Murmurings of a Lost Child

How does life fly by so fast? By the time, we begin living it’s the end and we missed so much joy in-between. Seems like yesterday I was in dad’s old ford truck headed to school or riding go-carts without a care. To be held close one more time or hear my home place filled with … Continue reading

Here is new poem I wrote yesterday. Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance for your feedback

Here is a short story written in prose.

Emotion In Color

Shadows of gray Leaves of brown Cold silver arches bending to the ground Concrete edges Blend with a winter sky Where do we go How must we fly This day ends Another begins This place we call home All too soon will die FSE 3/16/2017

I Am Yours

Below is a new poem written today. It came out of a conversation from my 4 year old granddaughter last week. I was driving her to school one morning when she said ” look at those dead leaves on the tree” and then asked ” why are they there”. I told her the wind had … Continue reading

The Tempest

The Tempest Rushing memories flood back and wake resting emotions Shaking me to my core; knocking me to the floor Will I ever be over this and will I ever be free again to rest in freedoms door Freedom from the memories of pain in the days gone long ago Come save me – Rescue … Continue reading

The Name – a poem for Him

The Name   Jesus – Redeemer; Savior   Jesus – Bread; Water   Jesus – Lord; Master   Jesus – Broken; Wounded   Jesus – King; Servant   Jesus – Bridegroom; Lamb   Jesus – Prophet; Priest   Jesus – Beaten; Whipped   Jesus – Ancient of Days; Intercessor   Jesus – Calvary; Golgotha   … Continue reading

Ballons In The Sky

Amazing Love Lord, I’m all broken up and hurting inside, Don’t know if I will ever be whole again. Seems like every time I cry the pain just intensifies. And the movement of winds, that sustain the balloons in the sky, Only serve to remind me of days gone by. Lord; come hold my hand; … Continue reading