This Is

I touch your skin Your breast rise and fall  Your lips touch mine Tangled  Together we fall Again  And again Until we satiate this need Holding tightly  This moment While gone We again repeat  Lovers  Together  Boundless Until death we part We hold tight  Bold we lay in the night This  This is Love  I … Continue reading


Remission On This day This dark day Before light was born We work We toil Once again to repeat Again And again Where is my remission He is born tomorrow Freedom offered Creation to creator Mystery unfolds Herald by host Rejected Lifted high A king A savior A babe ©ScottEtheridge 12/19/2017


Republicans think the democrats are in a conspiracy against them. Democrats think the republicans are in a conspiracy again them. Round and round it goes…. Sad truth of it is everyone has taken their eye off a Holy and Righteous God who isn’t for either party. We have elevated ourselves above our stature, thinking one … Continue reading